Why You Need a PF and ESIC Consultant?

Managing your employees’ emoluments is one important prerequisite for any company. While it is true that most companies are better off in fixing a monthly wage for its temporary employees, this does not sound an easy affair either. If you got a business, you will always have some people on permanent rolls and so, the liability to manage their mandatory deductions and the documentation thereby rests with you. In this scenario, it goes a long way and is largely advantageous for you if you appoint a PF and ESIC consultant.

Employee Provident Fund and ESIC – both are part of government directives in view of employment. Deducting percentage of amount from the employees’ salary on account of PF and ESIC is not only the company’s responsibility but employees’ as well. Right from the day you appoint an employee, these two facets come into force and you cannot go about ignoring them at any cost. However, if you got a small HR team or your existing human resource is already loaded, you can go by the smarter option – of appointing an experienced PF and ESIC consultant.

When you do this, you not only offload your HR officials but also get an experienced hand at your disposal. An experienced and professional consultant is abreast with all latest regulations regarding PF and ESIC. So, without having to keep track of every latest development in this regard and checking the accuracy of deductions being made towards PF or ESIC or both, you can just rest assure.

Most staffing companies provide their expertise in PF and ESIC management and so you can ideally enquire about this consultancy with them – if you need it specifically!