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Competent professionals don’t land up in your organization by chance! It takes some real hard work to have the top performing, committed guys as the “higher-ups” in your company. This certainly is a select area of expertise comprising two major components:• The one which takes majority of time and efforts is – spotting the right candidates and identifying the best one out of them! • The second, taking things to next level like arranging the first

Whenever you have an optimistic project in hand, one of the biggest challenges in front of you is – deadline! You may be having best professionals to plan the project timelines and experienced project managers for its execution, but in the execution phase, you want the most committed and result oriented temps. Though casual in nature, you cannot expect any of your casual resources to be less skilled or low performing. This precise need can be very well addressed by such an agency which can quickly take care of your temporary staffing requirement. In addition to the above, you would

When you decide to outsource a function of your company, you know you got to be extremely sensible. It should not be wrong to say that outsourcing a function is like handing over an organ of your body to be managed by someone else. Every department or function of a business is like different parts of our body and therefore, each has its significance. In the wake of this reality, it takes extra effort when you are planning for recruitment process outsourcing. Human Resource is undoubtedly the most prevalent function in any business. In fact, this is the entry

It is quite evident today that an organization is known by its people. In fact, the kind of people you have in your organization, especially on the top levels who manage a business and other prime operations, is pivotal to your company’s reputation point of view. You might be having hundreds of employees and tens of teams but the organization’s true value gets crafted through its ‘leaders’. This is why ‘executive hunt’ is a kind of specialization organizations yearn for and depute the most professional executive recruitment agencies for this. Manpower sourcing or staffing is already a large industry

Managing your employees’ emoluments is one important prerequisite for any company. While it is true that most companies are better off in fixing a monthly wage for its temporary employees, this does not sound an easy affair either. If you got a business, you will always have some people on permanent rolls and so, the liability to manage their mandatory deductions and the documentation thereby rests with you. In this scenario, it goes a long way and is largely advantageous for you if you appoint a PF and ESIC consultant. Employee Provident Fund and ESIC – both are part

Whether to hire the services of HR outsourcing companies or not can be a tough decision. After all, handing over a portion of this important function to some external agency is never easy and you got to mull over this thought many times, before actually doing so. In this scenario, you will need to have a patient look at all the possibilities in light of your company’s short and long term objectives. Ideally, a sensible consideration here will certainly facilitate your decision and help you take the right call.

To suffice your decision, here is a noteworthy

Recruitment is that inherent aspect for businesses with which they cannot take chances. If you are an organization and have a business, you will always want the best and most reliable professionals to work in your company. Regardless of what cap size your company is or how many employees work for you, you will always expect highly qualified, committed and fired up men and women to hold the key positions in your organization. From this standpoint, hope that your internal HR team will fulfill the organizational requirement will not be wise. The HR guys cannot be completely occupied in hunting

You have countless reasons to be glad when you choose one of the best executive search firms for your business. Being a serious entrepreneur, you know what it means to have high performing, result oriented and industry’s most talented people on top in your organization. In fact, your top-level management must be crowded with such individuals and for that, you need to take extra care when appointing them. However, the inherent reality remains – how to find such personnel and where to go to get the cream of the industry! Recruitment firms specialized in hunting and placing executives for

Chand Chhap Fertilizer vs Labour Commissioner, Fertilizer on 18 January, 2006 – Allahabad High Court. The principal employer, M/s. Chand Chhap Fertilizer and Chemicals limited, in order to undertake certain jobs in the industry, had engaged contractor, M/s. Saran Engineering Works, who was a duly licensed contractor under the provisions uder Section 7 of the Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970 thereinafter referred to as the Act, 1970). Two Workman moved an application under Rule 25(2}(v)(a) of the Rules, 1975 to the authority claiming that they we’re not being given wages as that of the other workmen employed by

Recruiting new people can be a relatively simple task for organizations, but managing employees and tracking their record can be a daunting one. Right from maintaining the attendance record to disbursing salary and from ensuring the mandatory tax deductions to paying the entitled perks, this becomes to be a herculean activity. However, your task gets even fiercer when you have the liability to stick to the labour laws and you are not much familiar with them. Whether you do it yourself or get it done by a dedicated manager, you just cannot ignore the likelihood of messing up with some

permanent recruitment consultantPeople are the real strength of an organization. In spite of the fact that technical sophistication and automation have become remarkably paramount in business today, the prevalence of experienced and committed people has not diminished. Established companies know this inherent reality and that is why they lay special stress on the commitment factor. Such factor is less likely to be seen in temporary employees and that’s the reason serious businesses are more of interested in hiring a permanent recruitment consultant than those dedicated to temporary staffing. A noteworthy attribute about

Many business owners across the globe confuse recruitment or manpower placement with executive search. They weigh all aspects of staffing on the same measurement scale and with same parameters. This understanding turns out to be fatal especially when they want to select personnel for their top management. Although there is no reason to doubt the ability of a regular staffing agency in bringing lower and middle-level employees aboard, the agency may not be good

When you want to hire professionals for the top level management in your organization, you just cannot go about with the same recruitment agency which does regular staffing for you. Executive Search is a really specialized job and therefore, the decision to hire a specific professional Executive Search Consultant is a pivotal one for any organization. It needs no mention that leaders are the people who shape organizations. They are a real boost for the morale of your taskforces and can truly be the driving force to synergize resources in your company. Understandably, this crucial responsibility must be entrusted to

Temporary Staffing AgenciesYou can get a plethora of advantages by hiring a professional temporary staffing agency. But while rejoicing in this very fact, there are few concise benefits which assuredly complement with your decision. This article tells you about the two best and most fertile benefits of hiring temporary staffing agencies. Regardless of what size your organization or enterprise is, when you know that temporary manpower is extremely important for your business, you obviously want to have it. Because the onus to recruit personnel is on your internal HR department, you will

  The world of HR never ceases to surprise us. Each time we feel something significant has taken place and we focus and align ourselves, there is something lurking and waiting to pounce on us. The latest among the most discussed issues has been the introduction of the Minimum Wages Code Bill. It has been extremely significant in the changes that it purports to bring about, and also the impact that it will have on employees covered and wage rates introduced. Needless to say, ERP Corporation Pvt. Ltd. will be right where all the action is. MINIMUM WAGE CODE BILL

We have always come across with the query on absorption or regularization or permanence of Contract Labour/ Casual Worker or temporary worker can be construed so as to convey an idea of the nature of tenure of appointments. There is no such provision available which had ever briefed about absorption or regularization & permanence of Contract Labour or Casual Worker or temporary worker can be construed so as to convey an idea of the nature of tenure of appointments. The Constitution of India had not defined any specific tenure for any Contract Labour or Casual Worker or temporary worker to

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