Executive Search

executive search consultants

Business organizations, worldwide, share the quest to attract people of superior talent to join their top teams. Companies, who have strategically structured their top management with well-qualified professionals, have experienced improved performance and positive changes in management practices. Therefore, such people need to be searched like the proverbial needle.

Executive Search is most effective where the candidate population is defined and identifiable. Working at the senior management level, we establish client relationships carefully, study their corporate cultures thoroughly and analyze candidate profiles rigorously to ensure cultural compatibility and a successful match. Our approach to initially invest time and effort in completely understanding the organization’s needs and evolving an agreed candidate-profile is highly appreciated.

ERP has a dedicated team of Professionals & Executive Search Consultants whose focus lie entirely on executive search and leadership hiring assignments. This team focuses primarily on search and selection of middle and senior management leadership & functional level searches up to CEO / CXO level, based on the specific needs of each client.

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