Temporary or Contract Staffing

temporary staffing agencies

ERP Corporation provides skilled professionals to be placed at Client premises for fixed contract periods. This helps the client to control their head count and assists hiring for critical projects of short durations especially without the overheads associated with a full time employee. We provide quality staffing solutions – temporary and flexible workforce – to clients across industries enabling them to manage their workforce more effectively and economically.

  • Helps retain focus on core functions
  • Specific time bound project needs manpower for the project period or less.
  • Seasonal nature of business necessitating quick ramping up or down of manpower
  • Needs for specific & niche skill sets can be addressed
  • Company Headcount is contained
  • Initial employment costs are lowered
  • Ease of entry & exit mitigates business risks
  • Helps recruit large number of candidates in a short time
  • All Statutory compliances are adhered to and taken care of
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